Main Themes Thematic Goal Content for subthemes + projects Specific Objectives

“Let’s discover the world!”  (natural world and man-made world)



To awaken and develop curiosity, discovery, respect and a sense of connection to the surrounding environment Natural World:

  1. Nature – (seasons, plants)
  2. Elements (earth, water, fire, air, space)
  3. Living beings: insects, fish, birds, reptiles, animals
  4. To develop respect and empathy for nature and its diversity
  5. To explore and develop the senses through direct contact
  6. To become aware of the rights and needs of the natural world
Man-made world (constructed environment):

  1. Human discoveries
  2. To observe and assess the effects of human interventions on the environment
  3. To awaken a sense of responsibility for the benevolent use of human technology
“I love all” To discover, express and activate one’s inner gift in relation to one’s self and the surrounding world The child and the social world  (body, hygiene, feelings, family, kindergarten, city, Europe, humanity)
  1. To know, respect and care for one’s own body and self
  2. To become aware of belonging to a bigger whole and one’s place in the world
  3. To develop empathy towards the surrounding environment
Diversity (national and universal traditions, minorities, human differences (race, ability), social inclusion)
  1. To appreciate, respect and preserve the authenticity of human cultures
  2. To respect and accept human uniqueness
  3. To develop empathy towards all people
Neohumanist Values:


(5 values for harmony with the external world):

  1. good deeds
  2. kind words
  3. polite please
  4. sharing with friends
  5. universal love


5 Values for inner harmony:

  1. Clean and pure
  2. Happy heart
  3. Helping hands
  4. Seeking wisdom
  5. My heart’s inner Friend


  1. Develop pro-social attitudes and behavior.
  2. To awaken, develop and express the sentiment of universal love
  3. To discover and develop inner strength and inner qualities.
  4. To stimulate awareness of one’s inner assets and activate them for serving society.
“I can help!”


To understand, become aware, and involved in service actions, showing love and care towards everyone and everything.



Jobs, positive role models and ideals
  1. To know and appreciate different jobs based on direct experiences
  2. To understand the importance and role of jobs in society
  3. To appreciate people that contributed to society’s development
  4. Cultivate positive role models from social and spiritual life
The child and society (to form attitudes and behaviors for leadership: hardworking, courage, fighting spirit, pragmatic, intellectual, wisdom)
  1. To form attitudes and behaviors needed for developing a well-rounded personality (diligence, courage, pragmatism, rationality, wisdom)
  2. To identify virtuous behaviors in fictional and real characters
The place and role of the child in society (children’s rights, social action)
  1. To know and support children’s rights through concrete actions
  2. To participate in altruistic service actions
Earth Lovers Family (love and care for nature and living beings)
  1. To awaken a sentiment of love and care for nature and living beings
  2. To put into practice the attitudes and behaviors learned