The legal framework, which regulates Neohumanist Education in Romania, is A.E.N. (the Association of Neohumanist Education), founded on 03.12.2010, on which date it was enrolled in the register of Associations and Foundations with the Judicial Decision “Hotararea Judecatoreasca nr. 285” as a private, non-profit legal person according to the law “O.G. 26/2000” approved by Law nr. 246/2005, with the goal of promoting Neohumanist Education in Romania and abroad.
The association has the following objectives:

  • To conceive and develop developmentally appropriate NHE curriculum for different age groups
  • To conceive and develop standards and indicators of quality applicable in specific contexts
  • To accredit programs and projects of NHE in the process of development
  • To develop and offer educational programs, to administrate and organize NHE activities in kindergartens and schools
  • To represent NHE in alternative educational bodies on the international and national levels.
  • To publish books, magazines, papers, articles, newsletters etc.
  • To organize trainings and ongoing professional development courses for adults
  • To realize complex or interdisciplinary collaborations with actors active in the field of education on the national and international level
  • To organize or participate in events on the national and international level for interacting with different members and specialists in the field
  • To organize resource centers/ libraries.
  • To initiate and develop projects to demonstrate the practical implementation of the NHE system of education and to promote the results of these
  • To develop lobby and advocacy campaigns to harmonize the principles of NHE with public policies on the national and international level
  • To monitor and evaluate all activities using the brand name of NHE “Neohumanist Education” on the national level
  • To encourage the networking with other international organizations having similar objectives

To harmonize objectives of the Association for Neohumanist Education (Romania) with the objectives of the AMGK Association (USA) which coordinates the system of Neohumanist education on the international level.