Green playing & learning’ is an ISSA Peer Learning Activity developed by Sardes (the Netherlands) and the Neohumanist Education Association (AEN, Romania). In this PLA trainers will be trained to teach preschool and early years teachers how they can enrich their program with the ethics of “earth care, people care and fair share” from permaculture, and use the natural curiosity of young children to explore and discover nature.

The training

In the training ‘Green playing & learning’ ECD teachers will learn how to use young children´s curiosity for nature and how to embed the permaculture principles of ‘earth care, people care and fair share’. They take the children outside to discover the overwhelming treasures of nature, and they learn how to take and use nature and natural materials inside as well. Participants are taught how to design and develop a nature theme with activities covering all relevant development areas.

Download the leaflet Green playing and learning


When: Monday-Tuesday, 13-14 May 2019

Where: Visitors centre Natuurmonumenten Gooi en Vechtstreek, Noordereinde 54-b, 1243JJ, ’s Graveland

Course size: maximum of 12 participants (max. 2 per ISSA member)

Accommodation: one night stay covered by ISSA/PLA program (bed + breakfast).

Travel: 100 EUR per participant contribution to travel cost is provided by ISSA/PLA.

Meals: on Monday May 13th lunch and dinner are provided. On Tuesday May  14th lunch is provided.